If you're grieving.

Don’t wish your grief away, it is your human right to experience it. Don’t try to understand why it feels stronger today than it did yesterday, or why it may feel oddly absent. There are no should’s in this process, so please rest easy in whatever it is you feel. Slow down, be kind to yourself, and know that you may feel alone, but indeed you are not. On the good days, rejoice in the pleasantries of your day, as it is also your human right to experience joy. You needn’t feel guilty for feeling good, as I promise you it is the wish of your loved one that you feel good all the time. You needn’t feel guilty for feeling sad, for your tears bathe your soul. But even in your darkest moments of sorrow, please remember that love does not die with death, and your relationship does not die with death. It lives on, stronger than before. Because now more than ever, this being is your closest confidante, residing deep within your heart and mind. Your eternal companion, listening to your concerns, celebrating your victories, and gently tickling your intuition in moments of doubt. Take a deep breath, drink a glass of water, and let yourself be.

Jillian TureckiComment