The Emotional Fitness Membership

Monthly live coaching with Jillian to completely transform the relationship with yourself and with the people you love

“It’s like Crossfit for your relationships and life!” — Debra K.


Double your momentum, clarity and confidence

Whether you’re looking to create a big shift, transform your relationships, learn how to communicate like a pro, or simply grow big time, EFM will guide you.

  • Increase your self worth and confidence

  • Learn how to tackle your anxiety and other hard emotions.

  • Communicate in a way that creates peace even in the hardest of circumstance.

  • Face your fears, for good.


Have You Ever…

  • Felt stuck in parts of your life?

  • Struggled with your parents?

  • Wondered how with all the work you do on yourself, you still can’t get past certain patterns?

  • Been in a therapy rut?

I’ve been there too. That's why I started this membership, so that I can teach you what you need to know to solve these problems. You’ll get immediate access to hours of major content where I teach you every single thing I’ve coached my hundreds of private clients with. All the advanced communication tools and emotional mastery strategies you need to radically improve the quality of your life.


What’s in the Emotional Fitness Membership?


Monthly Live Online Workshop & Coaching

Each month I focus on a topic that has been requested by you!! I host a 90 min live workshop/training where I teach you real and practical tools, and I give you a detailed step-by-step guide to vastly change or improve this area of your life.


I Answer ALL Your Questions

At the end of each workshop, I do a live q and a where I coach you on the spot, and give you powerful and useable advice. Ask me anything!


Access to the Full Recording and the Audio Download

Every member will have full access to the filmed workshop as well as to an audio file that can be downloaded to any device. Listen to it anytime, anywhere, Podcast style.


Instant Access to All the Previous Recordings

As a member, you will be given 24/7 access to all the EFM workshops in your member’s area. It is incredibly helpful to listen to all the workshops as much as you need to feel fully supported and armed with the best tools you can ever have in your tool box.


Bonus Video & Audio Mini Trainings throughout the Month

Each month I will post additional audio or video mini trainings, meditations, and tips to your members area. The topics will vary, and all of them are designed to help, inspire, motivate, and educate you.


Daily Support and a Supportive Community

Connect with me and like-minded members in a Private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share insights and find a ton of encouragement.

Feel and behave like your strongest, highest and best self


At $97 a month, EFM is $3.23 a day. Compare that to therapy which is at least $200 a week. Online courses, self help books, and retreats are thousands of dollars with zero contact with the teacher and coach.`


What People Are Saying…

EFM is an amazing resource of insightful and informative knowledge on human patterns and behavior and how to be more aware and work on your own negative patterns.
— Felicia G.
Wow, this is EXACTLY what I needed in my life. If you’re ready to make a real change in your life or any of your relationships, this membership is for you.
— Debra K.

Never did I feel so understood, connected, and shaken as I did during my sessions with Jillian. Her approach is unique and her knowledge vast. She was full of helpful tips, powerful words, and she challenged me and dared me to look deeper into myself and also outside of myself, by challenging my perception of things. She opened my eyes to so many new possibilities. I left our meetings feeling mentally nourished, and supported. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an internal revolution, or just someone to talk to. Thank you so much, Jillian, for everything that you do!
— Lea S.

One word: Clarity.
— Aly Bloom

— Denise T.
Jillian is direct, and the tools she so calmly and passionately shares helps me to change my story - no matter how much it may be in my nature to resist! Thank you Jillian for being so generous of yourself for people like me! My journey with you has been incredible.
— Debra K.
This work is astounding to me.
— Miriam C

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