Photo by Gerald Forster

Photo by Gerald Forster


“When we are no longer able to change a situation,
we are challenged to change ourselves.”



Jillian Turecki is a New York based yoga teacher and certified coach who for over 15 years, has been studying the art and science of fulfillment. Through the practice and teaching of yoga, Jillian has explored in depth the radical impact changing one’s physiology has on a person’s psychology.

More recently, she has taken her work beyond the physiology to include studying the way we think, the emotions we consistently experience, and the meanings we attribute to any given circumstance as massive clues to how we lead and experience our lives. Committed to understanding her own emotional patterns and how they have both helped and crippled her at times have been at the core of how she helps others. Under the masterful guidance of Anthony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Magali and Mark Peysha, Jillian is certified by the Robbins Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention/Coaching, known for employing innovative strategic solutions to the most pervasive difficult problems. Jillian is expertly trained in working with the individual, couples, and families.

Coaching with Jillian

Jillian is committed to serving the specific needs of her clients, implementing a creative approach to coaching that is highly personalized. Sessions [may include] meditation, yoga, and other physical activity. These are all practices to help a person shift their emotional states into more empowering ones, creating a catalyst for change, growth, and progress. Jillian's coaching requires your commitment. Prepare to go deep, investing your energy and time to create an extraordinary life. Sessions may be done in person, over the phone, or over Skype to accommodate out of state clients.

Yoga with Jillian

Jillian's classes are a unique blend of detailed alignment cues coupled with original and creative sequencing. This merging of creativity with her keen knowledge of the body and alignment makes Jillian one of the more sought after Vinyasa Yoga instructors in New York.

In additions to classes, retreats and trainings, Jillian conducts private sessions for those looking to deepen their practice. She is considered an expert in yoga therapeutics and known for her sharp eye in identifying the patterns of her students injuries and discomfort. Jillian is sought out by both teachers and students alike.

Working with Jillian was fun and inspiring. I found her supportive, smart, intuitive and most importantly, her suggestions worked. I continue to use her ideas and principles in my life, daily. Significantly, a lot of what she taught me is now second nature.