Photo by Gerald Forster

Photo by Gerald Forster


About Jillian

Jillian Turecki is a New York based certified coach and yoga teacher who for over 15 years has been teaching others the radical impact our physiology has on their psychology.

Under the masterful tutelage of Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes, Jillian is certified by the Robbins Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention/Coaching, known for employing innovative strategic solutions to the most pervasive difficult problems. Jillian is expertly trained in working with the individual, couples, and families, and has served over a thousand people through her coaching, teaching, courses, public speaking and her wildly popular newsletter.

Jillian’s Story

In 2012 I married my “soul mate”. In 2014 we split on the same day I had a miscarriage. My mom, given only a few months to live, died shortly thereafter from lung cancer. 

Of course there’s more to this story, but the far more interesting tale is the one that followed - the one that would come to define my experience more poignantly than this sad one. 

When life pushes you up against a wall, cornering you to the point of no foreseeable escape, you are left with very few options. My freedom depended on 1 thing only: change me. I decided to change my life which may sound heroic but I swear it wasn’t. It was messy and non linear and painful. But I was determined to figure out a way to survive it all. 

And, I did. My beautiful mom I had to grieve, and go though the infinite vicissitudes of letting go.

When it came to my failed marriage, I just couldn't wrap my head around the fact that I had to endure yet another breakup. I thought I was evolved - a mature, loving, and communicative adult. What went wrong!? 

I was determined to figure out why my relationship didn't work. So I studied. I studied male and female psychology, behavioral psychology, neuroscience, strategic family therapy, advanced relationship communication, and trauma recovery with arguably two of the world’s best leaders in therapy and strategic coaching. I became the ultimate guinea pig, applying and integrating everything I learned into my own life and recovery. I came to understand EXACTLY what happened between me and my ex 100% free of delusion and blame. I created the closure most people only dream of getting. 

I became a coach specializing in relationships so I could help others change their lives.

I help people solve their biggest relationship problems. Starting with the one they have with themselves.

Working with Jillian was fun and inspiring. I found her supportive, smart, intuitive and most importantly, her suggestions worked. I continue to use her ideas and principles in my life, daily. Significantly, a lot of what she taught me is now second nature.
Jillian is a true visionary. Prior to contacting Jillian, I’d seen a number of psychologists and psychotherapists, both in Los Angeles and New York, and never did I feel so understood, connected, and shaken as I did during my sessions with Jillian. Her approach is unique and her knowledge vast. She was full of helpful tips, powerful words, and she challenged me and dared me to look deeper into myself and also outside of myself, by challenging my perception of things. She opened my eyes to so many new possibilities. I left our meetings feeling mentally nourished, and supported.