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1 Month commitment
3 Months commitment
6 Months commitment
1 Year commitment
1 Full day coaching retreat with Jillian



Options available:

Single 1-On-1 Private
5 Class Private Package
10 Class Private Package
Semi or Private Group Sessions


Jillian is available to speak in multiple
settings regarding coaching, yoga
and injury prevention & healing.

Coaching & Yoga
Combined Sessions

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From a single class, I knew I had found the right teacher for me. I think it was something about the way she spoke—she had a New York authenticity and directness, that was not as “granola” as other yoga instructors I had encountered, and she spoke with a level of depth and precision when articulating alignment adjustments or describing the physiology and anatomy of poses that made it clear she was very intelligent and would be a great person to learn from for years.
— Andrew Kortina
Jillian’s coaching felt like a graduate level course compared to other coaching I have experienced. If you want to change the way you feel and thus your life, work with Jillian.
— Nicole
Her private instruction is incredible.
— Ashley