I’ve worked with Jillian as a private yoga instructor and life coach during two of the most meaningful transitional moments in my life—getting married and being pregnant with my first child. I came into both situations with demons from my past that seemed, at times, trivial but that I knew deep down were holding me back from fully living my life. Jillian quickly became a most trusted and intimate advisor, friend and support system that I had long been lacking. I carry the strength I find in our sessions with me long after we hug goodbye, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have connected with her wisdom and deep routed knowledge of yoga and the human mind. I highly recommend starting your coaching sessions with private yoga, it really helps to ease into your brain space from the crazy streets of NYC! ...and nothing compares to bendy lil Jillian adjusting only you for an hour with straps and her entire body.
— Lizzie K.

I first heard of Jillian at an event in NYC when she was speaking about relationships. I then contacted her because I realized I could really improve how I was communicating with my wife and my family. I had no idea what was to come. Working with Jillian was fun and inspiring. I found her supportive, smart, intuitive and most importantly, her suggestions worked. I continue to use her ideas and principles in my life, daily. Significantly, a lot of what she taught me is now second nature. In the end, Jillian helped me see myself and the world differently. That’s quite something.

At a time when my relationship that was going to last forever ended and nothing at all made sense, I signed up to receive emails from Jillian Turecki. At first there were a couple audio links to talks she had given and then came the newsletter. A deeply thoughtful, courageous, full of thug realness newsletter. The only one I take the time to read. I spend hours with it - sometimes I write after reading it. Other times, I read it over and over and make it a part of my meditation. Our sessions together were equally charged with clarity, honesty and seeds for growth. With a razor sharp heart and eyes, she called out what she saw and heard between the lines and encouraged me to continue to fearlessly look inside. Our sessions left me empowered and kept me honest with myself at a very delicate time. So very grateful for Jillian’s work.
— Nadine G, Producer

Jillian is a true visionary. Prior to contacting Jillian, I’d seen a number of psychologists and psychotherapists, both in Los Angeles and New York, and never did I feel so understood, connected, and shaken as I did during my sessions with Jillian. Her approach is unique and her knowledge vast. She was full of helpful tips, powerful words, and she challenged me and dared me to look deeper into myself and also outside of myself, by challenging my perception of things. She opened my eyes to so many new possibilities. I left our meetings feeling mentally nourished, and supported. I saw her for a number of issues, but one main thing that stood out for me were our conversations about career and occupation (and all the surrounding factors and barriers). That same year I finally took the plunge and committed to changing my life around, and pursuing a completely new career. To me, it is no coincidence that all this happened around the same time that I was seeing Jillian. Now, I’m leaving my job, and going back to school to get certified in a field I love. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an internal revolution, or just someone to talk to. Her unorthodox ways are quite frankly refreshing and were just the kick I needed. At the same, Jillian is empathetic and gentle, and makes you feel safe right away. Thank you so much, Jillian, for everything that you do!

Jillian has been an instrumental force of good in my journey towards a healthy body and mind.
— John P.
Jillian managed to put the magic back in NYC dating! Not an easy task.
— Mette

Working with Jillian is the incorrect phrase. It has been a collaboration that has enabled my ability to step back and re energize
different aspects of my life. My focus on my company to grow by reconnecting with my customers, to take the steps to re align my personal relationships - from my lover to my friends and family. And the reason I stay, read and listen is because I want my life to continue to grow. She is direct, and the tools she so calmly and passionately shares helps me to change my story - no matter how much it may be in my nature to resist! Thank you Jillian for being so generous of yourself for people like me! My journey with you has been incredible.